Another essential ceremony ‘s the neke oku, a service that’s very important to the fresh new wedding couple

The brand new groom’s family relations can give his bride’s household members something special of gold otherwise gold, and that shows relationship and you may a desire to happen to each other both the bad and good areas of existence. Which traditions is also an element of the old individualized, and it is part of Kazakh weddings.

Betashar ceremony

The fresh new betashar ceremony is an integral part of a Kazakh relationships. It will require put from the civil subscription workplace entitled AKHAZH. It ceremony is additionally referred to as ZAGS, zagsh, or akhAZh. Pursuing the ceremony, the new fiance strolls down an extended, white street along with her two dily. She’s next introduced towards groom’s friends, just who then give new fiance otherwise girl to help you her the latest partner.

The newest fiance was satisfied by the a young girl regarding hot Caruaru girl village up until the relationships. An excellent girl are picked to suffice their friends and family once the she went towards the the newest groom’s house. She ended up being sitting at the rear of a beneficial curtain. A large occasion ended up being arranged. Pursuing the bride is hitched, she’d getting revealed for the area. She would be provided with a beneficial dowry. This new groom’s household members and you can neighbors try then greeting with the people.

The latest kyzuzatu is actually a timeless Kazakh wedding routine, that’s directly on the dating. The fresh new groom’s relatives and you will family members tend to visit the bride’s where you can find speak about certain wedding themes and buy seats, bed linen, and you can foods. The brand new bride’s mothers are required purchasing items on relationship. A classic Kazakh marriage society ought to include the latest betashar, which is the first relationship moving of one’s pair.

Kuda tusu

Kuda tusu is rooted in the concept one to a young woman is going to be followed closely by her very own possessions when she marries a man. The traditional dowry has dishes, bedding, carpets, seats, and appliances for the home. This new fiance along with get something special out of their relatives whenever she check outs their own groom’s house following the relationships. During this time period, her friends and head to their own home in her the updates.

This new Kazakhs have many way of life according to relationship. A few of the most crucial tend to be a formal relationship proposition, new bridal percentage, the bride’s goodbye, as well as the wedding and you can blog post-marriage. Although this is the most popular particular relationships, lots of women nevertheless choose to be wed beyond that it traditional people. Inside Kazakhstan, a bride have to be ready to accept the marriage ahead of time, and her deal with need to be revealed inside ceremony.

Brand new groom was presented with a bone tissue in the hope out of to relax and play the character out-of asyk. Brand new limbs signifies the brand new parents’ wish to have friendship therefore the couple’s need to display both bad and good things in daily life. The brand new ceremony is important throughout the life of the fresh new bride and you will bridegroom. Inside relationships, the new mullah works brand new service together with tourist taste the wedding water.

Uryn kelu

The fresh Kazakh relationship the most important situations inside the their existence. Moms and dads start the latest arrangements with the matrimony long before the youngster is at adulthood. It check out nearby communities interested in a worthy relatives to marry the youngster. Multiple traditions was indeed practiced in the Kazakh relationship, in addition to ceremonies happened more than several days. Whilst most crucial a person is the brand new ban up against the marriage regarding household members of the groom and bride doing the new seventh generation, almost every other relationship culture was basically mostly ignored regarding the 21st century.

The marriage ceremony began with a matchmaking ceremony called kudalyk. New ceremony are lengthened and serious as compared to matrimony in itself. The bride’s family members are desired with the groom’s the home of come across their unique face, and she gotten a hug regarding their own mommy-in-laws prior to dressed in a white garment. The newest white scarf symbolized their particular ily.